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Charlotte Real Estate Photography is locally owned in Chatlotte/Indian Trail Founded By Jack J. DiMaio.

Charlotte Real Estate Photography offers dependable, professional service and customer support for all our Charlotte Real Estate Photography clients.
Our technology is not just limited to Real Estate photography. We can customize the look and feel of our Tours to create a Virtual Tour of any type of property, business or item and create an internet marketing campaign that downloads to dozens of websites.  We can also direct your tour to your own personal website.  Our services are just what you need to make you look your very best online!

Our virtual tours are chosen over the competition on a daily basis by intelligent business owners who demand the best virtual tours to showcase their properties online. As a virtual tour provider using RTV Real Tour Vision technology, we can provide you with professional 360° home tours as well as 360° commercial tours in a timely fashion.

Call today for an estimate and ask about our Specials and Tour Packages.

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January 22, 2016, 12:00 am

Dallas, Texas (January 19, 2016) – Jack DiMaio was honored with second place for his entry to the First Year Print Competition through Dallas Professional Photographers Association.

For Immediate Release

For Media Inquiries, please contact

Jack Dimaio, Jack@VirtualToursDallas.com


As a veteran of the professional photography field, Jack knows what a privilege it is to receive such distinction and recognition in a community of such talented, committed professionals. Hard-earned, this award is a testament to the artistic and technical skills of all honored.
Each month, the Dallas Professional Photographers Association hosts a Print Competition in which members can submit their best print or album work for ranking among their peers’ work. At the end of the year, those members’ points are tallied and the top entries are honored with the First Year Print Award.

About Jack DiMaio: Jack DiMaio boasts over 40 years in the professional photography industry. His work spans landscape and automobile photography to portraiture and real estate. Currently, he runs Virtual Tours Dallas Photography, (virtualtoursdallas.com), which offers a uniquely interactive, 360 degree tours of homes and commercial spaces around Dallas/Fort Worth/Denton/ Argyle/Flower Mound and BEYOND!

HDR: What Is HDR & What Does it look like

May 28, 2009, 1:05 pm

HDR High Dynamic Range


Many of you most likely know what this HDR stuff is all about, it has become more of the norm now-a-day's than ever before. HDR software now available through many software venues not to mention it's even being built into your point and shoot camera and many of the up-scaled semi-professional cameras.

So, with no further adieu I will give you the abridged version of What Is HDR & how does it works. This will be one of two or three blogs in the next three weeks so keep coming back.

Back in the DAY (I remember quite clearly) when FILM was the norm and digital was just a sparkle in the Eye of the  inventor, Film cameras and now digital cameras captured a very limited tonal range. In a single shot it’s often impossible to get the full scope of details in scenes that contain extreme swings between light and dark. We are forced to choose where we want to retain detail; in the intensity of a sunset or its shadowy surroundings; in the interior of a dimly lit room or the radiance of the world outside its window (like in our industry of Virtual Tours). It’s usually a game of favoring one or the other, but almost never both. High Dynamic Range Imaging is designed to change all that.

The difference between the brightest and darkest areas of a scene is known as its dynamic range. Until now, we’ve been limited to working on Low Dynamic Range (LDR) images in Photoshop. LDR images are limited to a brightness range that is typical of what a camera or scanner can capture in a single pass, which is much more limited than what your eyes experience in an average day.
High Dynamic Range (HDR) images are designed to contain the full brightness range of a scene no matter how wide that range might be. That means that a single HDR image is capable of containing detail in something as dazzling as a photograph in the Living Room Looking out at the Sierra Mountain Range or the sun at high noon while at the same time retaining detail in the inky depths of a cave! This is only possible by taking multiple exposures (3 to 9 images) of a scene and sandwiching those images  into a single HDR image.


HDR imaging is essential when a scene contains a wider dynamic range than your camera can capture in a single shot. In those cases, you can capture the full brightness range by taking multiple exposures of the same scene (also known as bracketing). See the results of LDR vs HDR

See you next time when we get into the nuts and bolts.

                    Standard (LDR)                                   HDR